Broken Group Islands 2018

In may 2018 we kayaked at Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island with "Hallo Nature" Adventure Tours

Abraham Lake 2018

In February 2018 we went to Nordegg area Abraham Lake famous for the bubbles frozen in the ice

Taiwan 2017

The photographs we took touring the Taiwan in fall 2017

Rockies Summer 2017

Here are the photographs we took during the Summer 2017 in Canadian Rockies

Israel & Jordan 2017

You can find here the photographs that we brought from our trip to Israel and Jordan.

Atlantic US 2015

We went to New York, Boston and spent some time in Washington DC, here are the photos.

Skoki 2015

This year we stay for our 10th anniversary at Skoki lodge. Beautiful hikes! Memorable time!

Portugal 2013

We had a blast in Portugal that year! We drove through central and North of this fine country. Majestic architecture, noble port wine and great food. Would go back there in a heart bit!

Rockies 2013

Driving and hiking through the Canadian and American Rockies is always a treat. Here we went through Lake Louise, Waterton Lakes and Glacier Parks.

Vancouver Island 2012

Stay in Victoria's harbor chick hotel or Tofino's campground, all is great on this venerable Island.

China 2011

Waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou or a colorful ponds of Huanlong, the old towns like Shangrila and Lijiang the places are unforgettable!

Assiniboine 2011

Great hikes. Just Magical!

Ukraine & Turkey 2010

Crimea, Odessa and Kiev.  Istambul in Turkey.

Mount Robson, Berg Lake 2010

Long Hike in. Very beautiful, worth it to return.

Antiloppe Canyon 2009

The experience was out of this world. There are no words to describe this. See the images.

Yoho 2009

This Park is a must! Excellent hikes. Lake O'Hara is Magnificent!

Quebec Fall 2009

Montreal and Quebec City in the fall. Just cannot get any better.

Winter 2009

Some winter shots.

South-East Asia 2008

This one would remain in our hearts for ever.

Lowlands 2007

The country of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Art, Tulips and Beer. It's being awhile, we need to go back.

Italy 2006

Can not believe it was over 10 years back...

China 2004

First time in China!