PORTUGAL & Madrid (Spain) 2013


Little town with beautiful monastery.


Stayed in modern hotel jast across the great monastery of the architectural juel. Who ever designed it were playing with the light, incredible!


Another marvel of the architecture, gardening and Old World splender!


This is the old Univercity town. 


Douro is the river  and its valley where the ancient Port wine is produced. Beautiful hill towns and vineyards.


The capital of the Portugal. We encounter a great people wherever we went. Kind and hospitable, we had a great time in this fine and fun seasoned Capital.


Small hill town behind the walls. We stayed in B&B right by the city walls. 


We  spent quite a bit of time visiting the Port wine caves meeting all sort of folks from all over the world. It is vibrant and cultural city.


The monastery of Tamar is a magical place, When we were there, there was not too many tourists and the whole place was quite deserted, almost dead. That  did change when rain came around, the gargoyles start spitting the rain water and the fountains became full and loud with the rain water ...


Madrid is an Art Paradise! World class museums and galleries, the great paella and flamenco dances makes it an unforgettable destination for anyone.