China 2011

Botanical Gardens

One of the oldest bonsai trees was taken to Japan in WWII and later returned to Shanghai botanical garden. How about tree surviving war, exile and return home at last!


Drive and register the clouds below the road, see people using oxygen kiosks, admire colorful natural ponds about five clicks above the see level? This is Huanlong!


Waterfalls as never seen before, this is a natural wonder! National park of Jiuzhaigou!


People call this ancient town a tourist trap! We did not care, it is beautiful and we loved it!


This place is vast. Rice terraces and remote villages. Breath taking!


Nothing new. Still refined and cosmopolitan Shanghai!


This is an old and beautiful town.

Tiger Leap Gorge

Another tourist trap. We enjoyed it.


Iconic place, if one goes to China, this one is a must!

Yuben Village

This is a two days away from Shangrila by bus and then on foot (or a donkey). In the middle of the mountains on the border with Tibet. Fascinating!