I was born in Leningrad (St.Petersburg), Soviet Union. As everyone else I start drawing and coloring in kindergarten and seams never stop since then. After High School I was accepted at Leningrad School of Photography, where I learned basics of composition, perspective, light and texture. Living in Leningrad I spent most of my time browsing through the rooms of the State Museum Hermitage (Winter Palace), Russian State Museum and others. Some times standing for hours in front of a painting of old Master I would go far in the other world through the door opened by the painter. I established a small portrait photo studio which I ran for several years. The studio work was rewarding and allowed me to find something great about every person who walked in for a portrait, but something was missing. I left my studio and went for adventure. North Siberia, Middle Russia, Caucasus Mountains, Europe and Latin America are some of the places I traveled to. Photography, adventures and old masters taught me to see things in the personal way.

When Soviet Union collapsed, I moved to Canada. I draw people and since fall 2003 I joined the Pro's Art school to learn the oil painting. The great instructors of this school teach me the classical oil painting technique, which results in good quality, attractive and realistic works of art. I perfect my skills and craftsmanship in school classes, workshops and at my home studio; I have a lot of new projects I'm planning and some I'm working on right now.